Monday, May 4, 2009

How to make windows look like vista

I like how Vista looks but it has too many security stuff , and it asks you too many times if you are sure that that's what you wanna do. So if you too like how vista looks like here's a tutorial to make your windows xp look like vista. 

1. Ok first of all go to my other tutorial "How to make a windows xp look like mac leopard" and download : objectbar , windowblinds , cursorfx , iconpackager , bootskin , logonstudio and install them . And you also have to download logon studio from here .
2.Download all these themes (click on each) : objectbar , windowblind , cursor , icons , boot  , logon .
3.Now install the themes by double clicking on them and loading them from the programs.
4. Now for the sound scheme download this , extract it and put the .wav files in c:\windiws\media
5.Now for the wallpaper download this and set it as wallpaper.
6. Restart . Now you're done!

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  1. I really enjoy this guide, really helpful, now to make windows look like vista is simple. Thank you for writing