Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Right click app

Here is a cool application . Download the app from here and themes from here . to install the themes put the theme folder in c:\program files\stardock\object desktop\Right Click\skins and then run the program and select the theme.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to make windows look like vista

I like how Vista looks but it has too many security stuff , and it asks you too many times if you are sure that that's what you wanna do. So if you too like how vista looks like here's a tutorial to make your windows xp look like vista. 

1. Ok first of all go to my other tutorial "How to make a windows xp look like mac leopard" and download : objectbar , windowblinds , cursorfx , iconpackager , bootskin , logonstudio and install them . And you also have to download logon studio from here .
2.Download all these themes (click on each) : objectbar , windowblind , cursor , icons , boot  , logon .
3.Now install the themes by double clicking on them and loading them from the programs.
4. Now for the sound scheme download this , extract it and put the .wav files in c:\windiws\media
5.Now for the wallpaper download this and set it as wallpaper.
6. Restart . Now you're done!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Voice commander application

Here is a cool free application for windows . It's called e-speaking . With it you can give voice commands to your computer and also add other commands . 
Download it from here . And also you need SAPI from here . Install both then run e-speaking .
To see the commands just say "show commands" . You should also do the training , so it can recognize your voice better.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How to make a windows xp look like mac leopard

haveIf you always wanted a Mac but they are too expensive for you ... you can at least make your pc look like one . Just follow these steps and you will be amazed by the results!

1. Save this image and set it as your desktop background.
2. Now click here and download objectbar and click here and download all three parts.
3. Now install objectbar and rightclick on the topbar and select general options. Then click on startup options and click on "run objectbar automaticlly at startup".
4. Now to install the theme extract the archives and follow the instructions inside. Click here if you need winrar. (To load the theme open objectbar select leopard_enhanced 2.0 and click load)
5. Click here to download windowblinds. And click here to get the theme.
6. Install windowblinds , restart and then extract the theme archive. Now double click on the theme (the .wba file) and then open windowblinds and double click on "mac os x leapord".
7. Now lets install the icons. Download iconpackager from here , and the theme from here .
8. Install icon packager and exctract the theme. Double click on the theme and then open icon packager and double click on leopard xp. (you can move your icons on the right side so it will look more like mac)
9. Download ivista leopard rklauncher from here and then isntall it.
10. Now download and install safari from here . This is an apple web browser that is also made for windows.
11. Download yahoo widgets from here . This is an application that lets you put widgets on your
desktop . You can download widgets from here . To install them just double click on them after you download them.
12. Ok now for the logon screen download this . Extract it and follow the instructions in there.
13. Now download boostskin from here , and a theme from here . ( I have Mac OS X Leopard)
14. Install bootskin , Extract your theme if needed and double click on it and then apply it.
15. Ok now for the cursor download cursorfx from here , and this theme (this is the theme i like but for the one that looks like the original mac one click here ) . After you install cursorfx just extract the theme and double click on it.
16. Now download this . It is an IM called Trillian and you can change its theme to look like ichat from apple. Here is the theme . Now go to c:\program files\trillian\skins and make a new folder there and name it whatever you want. extract the theme you downloaded in the folder you
created . Now click on trillian on top and then click on trillian preferences. Go to skins and click on ishout and close and then click yes.
17. So now that it looks like a mac you need to change the sound scheme . Download sound packager from here and the sound scheme from here . Install sound packager and double click on the downloaded sound scheme . Open soundpackager and select mac os x sound scheme and click on the yellow button with a pencil on it. Look for "Open" and click on the minus button . Now click ok , backup or don't backup and apply enhanced package . If you wonder why you had to do that to the open  sound is because it makes that sound every few seconds for no reason and its annoying.

You're DONE! Congratz. Now it should look something like this :